The benefits of Champagne

I recently came across this entry in the minutes of the Drug and Instrument Committee held on 26 Feb 1909:

‘The Dispenser reported that the cupboard in which he keeps the champagne, brandy etc. had been burst open one night during the week, as some Champagne was required for a case in one of the wards.  He pointed out that if the cupboard was to be broken open in such a manner, it was quite useless for the same to be kept locked, and that he could not be responsible for keeping an accurate account of the consumption of Brandy etc.

It was resolved that in future a stock bottle of Champagne be left in charge of the Night Sister for emergency purposes, and that it should be made known that such can be obtained from her.’

I am not sure what the emergency could be but apparently champagne can be good for your heart. It is made from both red and white grapes, and contains the same antioxidants which prevent damage to your blood vessels, reduce bad cholesterol and prevent blood clots. So, this can lower the risk of heart illnesses and strokes.


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