The Right Reverend Thomas Turton

This is another of the portraits we have in the hospital archives .   The Right Reverend Thomas Turton who was born in Hatfield, West Riding in 1780, where his father was a Surgeon & Apothecary – and he died in 1864 in London.  He was the Bishop of Ely from 1845-1864 and a benefactor to the Hospital from 1846 until his death.

He entered first Queen’s College in 1801 and in 1804 moved to Catharine’s College – which was also John Addenbrooke’s college.

One of the wards on the ‘Old Site’ was named after him in October 1865, this was a ward added as part of the Digby-Wyatt extension plans.

We know when the portrait was given to the hospital as I found the following entry in the Minutes of the Governors of Addenbrooke’s Hospital:

2 Sep 1885

‘The Master of Jesus College has a portrait in oils of the late Bishop Turton which he wishes to donate to Addenbrooke’s Hospital’.

The offer was accepted as the Bishop had been a benefactor to the Hospital.


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