Using the Archives

Some of the records held in the Hospital Archives can be used for Family History, but how do people find if their ancestor has been a patient in the Hospital?  One way is from reports in local newspapers such as this one in The Cambridge Independent Press of Friday 29 Dec 1916:


I found the entry for admission of John Howard on 26 Dec 1916 in the inpatient register.  It also recorded that he was discharged on 16 Feb 1917 and his weekly wage of £1.  He was under the care of Mr Bowen in Tipperary Ward and he had a fractured left patella.  The Archives also holds his case notes.

Watts and Son Ltd., were brick and tile merchants in Cambridge.

I looked on the 1911 Census for John and found him living on Newmarket Road with his wife Jessie and 7 of their 16 children!! John was born in St Ives and lived another 10  years after his accident.

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