First Month of Weekly Board Meetings

The first Weekly meeting of the Board of Addenbrooke’s was held on 7 July 1766. There were 8 people present and these are the first items listed:

  • It was ordered that the Honorary Secretary write to the Secretaries of the Northampton and Salop hospitals to ask for an inventory of furniture of the said infirmary’s and also if they provided the Surgeon’s a box of instruments.
  • Also ordered that an advertisement be placed in the General Evening Post, the Daily Advertiser and the Cambridge papers that an apothecary and Matron would be wanted about the 1st Sept next.
  • They also requested the presence of Mr Essex (the architect) at the next meeting.

The second Meeting was held on 14 July and again 8 people were present but the only item recorded was that they ‘agreed that an answer be wrote to a letter from T Rainbird, apothecary’

The third Meeting on 21 July they requested that a notice be put in the local papers that they would need an apothecary by 1 September. Also that Ann Perry of Cambridge, spinster came and offered her service as Matron to the Infirmary – also the Widow Brand. And finally ‘It was referred to the General Board whether they will take surityes (sic) of the patients for their burial in case they shall dye (sic)’.

The fourth and last meeting of the month was on the 28 July and during this meeting a memo was read that 18 pair of sheets could be obtained from Mr Fox in Jesus Lane.  And it was agreed that the East Room on the ground be partitioned for an admission room and an apothecary’s shop.

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