I was doing some research in the inpatient case notes for someone and I came across, in the index of the volume for the year 1925, entries for four people with the same surname being admitted consecutively.   Hospital records are closed for 100 years, so I have not used the family name or any other identifiable information.

Index Triplets

This is of course is very unusual, so I had to investigate some more.  I then looked in the register itself and found them, listed:

In patient reg p1

You can see that the first girl was 2 days old when she was admitted to Addenbrooke’s with her mother and then a day later two more babies were born in hospital.  You can also see that the father was in the RAF and his weekly salary was 34/-.

I then looked to see if any case notes had survived and found those for the mother:

On admission, these notes were made:

One child, female, born 2 days ago, as uterus still bulky admitted to hospital.

Then the next day:

Gave birth normally to 2 more female children.

The notes end:

Some rise in temperature, children doing well.

They all remained in hospital for nearly two weeks.

I wonder what happened to them, they could of course still be living today.

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