Radiotherapy at Addenbrooke’s

In June 1960 Addenbrooke’s was designated as the Regional Centre for Radiotherapy, and plans for the first linear accelerator to be installed at Trumpington Street (the old site) were made, sadly no beds for the speciality could be provided at Hills Road until Stage 2.

The story of Radiotherapy at Addenbrooke’s began in 1909.  The hospital was, as usual, desperately short of money.  It was an epidemic of scalp ringworm which made it possible to acquire new apparatus, partly at the expense of the Cambridgeshire County Council. Scalp ringworm was a serious public health problem among school children.  Before the introduction of the antibiotic griseofulvin it was often necessary to keep infected children away from school for as long as a year, unless temporary hair loss could be induced by x-rays.

In 1909 the Cambridgeshire County Council asked the Hospital to undertake this treatment and offered to pay half the cost of the necessary apparatus.  It was decided that a new Siemens apparatus would be suitable for the ringworm cases and the general purposes of the hospital.  It was purchased at the end of 1909 and was in use in the early months of 1910, under the supervision of Dr Shillington Scales.

The Radiotherapeutic Centre opened on the New Site in April 1972.

Add News Jun 1972

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