New Wing

In the mid 1920’s plans were being made to erect a new block on the north side of the hospital on Trumpington Street.  This block was to have children’s wards on the ground floor and accommodation for paying patients on the first and second floors.  The cost to build this wing was £27,342 and was opened by the then Duke and Duchess of York in early July 1932.

New wing

The opening was an impressive occasion as reported by the local paper: there were guards of honour from the Boys Brigade, Voluntary Aid Detachments, smartly attired Sisters and nurses and a cheering crown of thousands. The band of the Cambridgeshire Regiment played the National Anthem’.

There were 30 beds available in the private wards, 6 in the men’s ward and 6 in the women’s ward, with the remaining to be single rooms.  The maintenance charge made, which included drugs was 10s 6d per day if you were in a ward and 12s a day if you had a single room. Professional fees for medical and surgical treatment also had to be paid.

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