In Patient Admissions

I was looking for some information in early 20th Annual Reports of the Hospital when I came across a list of the parishes and towns patients had been admitted from.

The lists are divided into in-patients and out-patients and the summary for in-patients in 1931.  There had been 4,467 inpatient admissions during the year and 12, 675 out patients appointments. Of the inpatients 2,823 were admitted living in Cambridgeshire, 680 from the Isle of Ely, 201 from Huntingdonshire, 351 from Suffolk (129 of those were from Newmarket), Bedfordshire 98, Essex 91, Norfolk 80 and 40 from other counties.

Of the towns and villages listed, Cambridge, of course, had by far the most admissions, 1,364, the next highest being Newmarket with 129 and the only other place with more than 100 admissions was Ely with 118.

I have the in-patient register for 1931 in the archives so it would be possible to find more about these people and I am sure it would be interesting to make a study of why people were admitted from further afield.

Annual Report 1931 001

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