The out-patients department

In late October 1961 the new out-patient department on the Addenbrooke’s Hospital ‘New Site’ on Hills Road was opened.

The minutes of the United Cambridge Hospitals Board of Governors, newly founded under the National Health Service, say that the primary needs for the new site were to provide a new out-patient department and a new Surgical Block and would be ‘limited to an expenditure of about £500,000’.  The out-patient department at the old site is now Browns Restaurant and was opened in 1910 as a memorial to Edward VII.

In Sep 1949 the Chairman of the Board of Governors held a meeting with the Consultant staff to discuss the future of the out-patient department, which ‘unanimously recommended its rebuilding on the new site’.  They did discuss enlarging the existing department at Trumpington Street with constructing a gallery above, but this scheme would not have provided the facilities required.

A meeting of the Planning (new Site) Committee in Jul 1955 agreed that the main entrance for out-patients would be on the ground floor with all the associated services required by patients in the entrance hall. There was to be medical clinics on the first floor, surgical on the second and on the third ENT, ophthalmic and dental clinics.

51 Out Patients New site c 1962AHPH 1_3_45 c 1961

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