Department of Nuclear Medicine

On the 12 Dec 1975 the official opening of the Dept of Nuclear Medicine at Addenbrooke’s was carried by Sir Brian Windeyer who unveiled a plaque in the entrance lobby of the new building.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine came into being in April 1973 with the appointment of Dr Philip Wraigh as Consultant in Nuclear Medicine

The programme for the official opening gives a brief history of the department:

‘It was Prof JS Mitchell who began treating patients with radio-iodine and radiophosphorus in the late 1940’s and since then much of the medical radioisotope work has been done by the Isotope section of the Radiotherapeutic Centre.

Nuclear Medicine is a rapidly expanding field and this is clearly seen in the increase in the work over the years. There is a record of 26 tests and treatments in 1952; the number increased to 800 by 1962 and 7,700 by 1972. Accommodation was always a problem. Isotope work was started in a side ward and up to 1963 two rooms were used at the Old Site.

The orthopaedic building at Trumpington Street was modified for radioisotope work and looked quite spacious when occupied in 1963. At times, however the first scanner had to be operated in the admission hall in the Children’s clinic and in the board room at the Old Site. The second scanner went into a wooden hut at the New Site in 1969 and was followed in 1971 by the Gamma Camera’.

Dr Wraigh retired in 2002 and moved to the Lake District.

Nuclear Medicine staff

Photo of staff: Dr Wraight with Dr Teresa McCarthy, Radiopharmacisit, Ros Morcom, Physic Technician and Sister Bush

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