Is nut butter better than butter?

A meeting of the Hospital’s House Sub-committee held on 29 November 1915 recorded that the Visiting Governors has suggested ‘in consequence of the increased price of butter, Nut butter should be substituted as an experiment’.  The Committee approved of the substitution.

A later meeting of the same committee held on 16 January 1916 records that the ‘Secretary Superintendent stated that the use of Nut Butter had been resented in various parts of the Hospital and that there had been instances where members of the Staff had not eaten the Butter but had stored it up and also instances where friends of Patient’s where bringing them in butter’.

The committee ‘carefully considered the matter and it was decided to continue the use of Nut butter until the next meeting and the Secretary Superintendent was requested to obtain a supply of another make.

I am not sure which nut was used to make this butter, peanuts being the obvious one, but after extensive research on the internet I found that Kellogg’s started making ‘soynut’ butter during the First World War.

There is not mention of butter, nut or otherwise at either of the next two meetings, but they did purchase a potato peeling machine!!

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