Chapel dedication service

AHPH 1_1_76.jpgOn 23 November 1972 a dedication service for the new ecumenical chapel built in the concourse of the Hills Road site, was held for staff, visitors and patients.

A report of the service was recorded in The Addenbrooke’s News and it said that the hospital staff were represented by: Mr F Nottingham, the Head Porter, Mr Withycombe, Consultant Urologist, Miss Bonner, Chief Nursing Officer and Mr Cannon, House Governor and Secretary. Amongst those representing patients was Mr F King who was an x-ray porter at Hills Road, but at the time was a patient at Trumpington Street.

The Hospital has had ‘visiting clergy’ from its earliest days, and I have found a reference to a ‘Chaplain’s Room’, but as yet I have not found where the chapel itself was at the Old Site. I do know that when the Hospital first opened in October 1766 there wasn’t a chapel, only room for four wards at that time.

As you can see from this photograph the chapel had changed over the years and I am glad to say so have the chairs!!




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