The Clinical School

Screenshot (30).pngThe Clinical School was officially opened on 21 November 1980 by the Duke of Edinburgh; however it took many years to get to this point.

In 1948 with the founding of the NHS, Addenbrooke’s and the other hospitals that formed the United Cambridge Hospitals became teaching hospitals and the opportunity for graduate medical education began. Unfortunately there was no room at the old site for a Clinical School so it was not until the planning of the new hospital that plans were started.

The General Board of the Faculties of the University established a Clinical School Planning Committee and they held their first meeting on 15 November 1969 and the last on 15 December 1975.

The Planning Committee first discussed the curriculum, then the planning and building of the school and teaching accommodation on the new site. Finally the first clinical students were admitted on 27 September 1976. Fifty-two students began a 2 year course after completing pre-clinical education at Cambridge, Oxford St Andrews and London Universities; there were 40 men and 12 women on the course.

A month after the first students arrived there was an Inauguration Service of the Clinical School held in the Chapel, which was attended by Princess Margaret.










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