Alexander Scott Abbott

This is another of the portraits we have stored in the Hospital Archives – Alexander Scott Abbott, who was Surgeon at Addenbrooke’s from 1817–1843.

Abbott was born in about 1790 the second son of William a surgeon in Needham Market, Suffolk.  He was most properly apprenticed to his father before going to St Bartholomew’s Hospital, where he qualified MRCS in 1810.  Soon afterwards he settled in Cambridge to practice and was appointed Surgeon to Addenbrooke’s in 1817.  He was also Mayor of Cambridge on two occasions, in 1823 and 1829.

Medical staff had always been appointed for Life, but in 1842 the rules changed and Abbott fell victim to this new rule.  It was decided by the Governors of the Hospital that every physician and surgeon who had been on the staff for 12 years of more had to resign and offer himself for re-election.  The surgeons resigned but they were not re-elected.

He appears to have been an honest and energetic man in his work as surgeon and also his duties as Mayor.  He died in Sep 1843 and is buried with his widow and son in All Saints Church, Jesus Lane, Cambridge.

Alexander Scott-Abbott

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