September 1766 Board meetings

The Weekly Board meeting held on 15 September 1766, Mr Lefebvre, the apothecary was ordered to go London to ‘buy goods specified in the inventory settled by the Committee at second hand’.

The Matron Mrs Perry was ordered to look out for a four maid servant’s two for nurses and the others for the kitchen, and a porter. And Mr John Apsey and Mr Lewis Apsey were ordered to furnish the kitchen, (John Apsey was a Brazier).

The Surgeons and physicians were appointed at the next General Meeting on 22 Sep 1766, Mr Professor Plumptre, Dr Collignon and Dr Glynn the Physicians and Messers Thackeray, Hopkins and Hayles the Surgeons.

The final meeting of September 1766 was a Quarterly Board Meeting. This meeting records the appointment of the first porter of the hospital.  Shand Newman was appointed with a salary of £8 per annum. His duties included attending the gate and to make sure no in-patient went out without permission and he was to inform the Matron if any stranger came in the Infirmary.  He also had to do the ‘labouring work of the House, yard and garden’.

The first two nurses were appointed at this meeting too, Ann Abbot and Sarah Brown with a salary  of £5 per annum.

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