Weekly Board Meeting 8 Sep 1766

This week here is another extract from the first minute book of Addenbrooke’s in the few months before the hospital opened.  The Matron had been ordered to make a list of ‘things’ needed for the Infirmary and now had to inform ‘several braziers in the Town of what goods would be wanted and ask them to send their proposals’ (a brazier is someone who worked with brass, so they may have been providing the beds).  Iron things were to be ‘bought off Mr Joshua Smith on the Market Hill and that he was to send the strongest and the cheapest’.

The Matrons’ next task was to buy ‘off Mr Markby 20 pairs of sheets and towels and other such things as may be wanted’.

Mr Smith was ordered to put up two dressers in the admission room, one each side of the fire place and with a nest of drawers in one. Mr Smith was then ordered to put up a bed for the Matron and another for the Apothecary.

And finally at this meeting a committee was appointed to buy drugs and furnish the Apothecary’s shop and they were to ‘go about it with all convenient speed’.

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