Appointment of the first Matron

General meeting 18 Aug 1766

The most important item at this meeting was that Mrs Ann Perry was elected Matron with an annual salary of £10.  Nothing in know of Mrs Perry, it is probable that she was a housekeeper or other senior servant in a large household; certainly housekeeping, catering and the management of the staff were her principal responsibilities.  Her duties as laid down in the Rules of Hospital included::

Caring for all the household goods and furniture; keeping a daily account of the ‘provisions that are brought into the house’

‘That she takes care that the chambers, beds, clothes, linen and all things within the hospital be kept clean’

‘That she keep the diet book and that she cause the names of the patients to be called out in each ward every morning and evening and enter in the house visitors book the names of those who are absent’

‘That she cares for the keys to the doors and sees that the outer gates are locked at eight in the evening’.

‘That she sees that the nurses, servants and patients do their duty and observe the rules of the house and in case of misbehaviour or neglect acquaint the weekly meeting.’

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