Stage 2 Ward Block moves

It was 45 years ago this week that the surgical wards and paediatric department moved to the Stage 2 Ward Block here on Hills Road.

This is the article about the moved from The Addenbrooke News of August 1973:

‘The Surgical wards moved on the 17th and 18th July and the paediatric department on the 19th.

Apart from a few minor setbacks – the ambulance were over an hour late arriving at the renal unit on Tuesday, and the lift at Trumpington Street broke down on Wednesday – the operation went quite smoothly.  All the staff worked hard to ensure its success, and nurses, porters and ambulance men did a grand job.

The patients were in their new wards in time for lunch on the day of arrival and the hot meals attractively provided by the Ganymede system were greatly appreciated. Without exception patients were delighted with their new spacious surroundings, although the journey by ambulance was quite an ordeal for some and a few ladies were rather tearful by the time the exercise was completed.

The children’s ward soon looked lived-in with its well-equipped play area and school room and with gay mobiles hanging from the ceiling. The facilities for mothers to stay with their babies will be most welcome’.

One of the Children’s Wards today

Children’s’ Services

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