Rosie Ward Names

A few weeks ago I wrote about some of the ward names at Old Addenbrooke’s.  As I am sure most of your know the wards at the ‘new site’ do not have names, but the first four wards at the Rosie did.

The Rosie was built on three floors with four wards each having 26 beds and opened in 1984.   Sir David Robinson a local businessman donated most of the money to build the maternity hospital and he is supposed to have asked that the hospital be named after his mother, Rosie.

The wards were then given names of women with links to Sir David Robinson.  Christine Ward is named after the daughter of Victor Bugg who was quantity surveyor in a local firm and friend of Sir David.

Daphne was Sir David Robinson’s PA.  Lady Mary was the wife of the then Regional Chairman of the Hospital, Sir Arthur South, and Sara was the late daughter of Mr and Mrs Roger Bailey who were also friends of Sir David Robinson.

Portrait of Mrs Rosie Robinson

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