Waterloo and Addenbrooke’s

The 18th June is the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.  While carrying out some research recently I came across this entry in the minutes of the Weekly Meeting of the Governors on 27 July 1818:

‘Wm Ford a distressed patient and a Waterloo man this day discharged from the Hospital was relieved with 10s from the Samaritan Fund.’

I have not been able to find anything else about Mr Ford; in-patient registers and patient case notes, unfortunately have not survived for that period in the hospital archives.  However, there is a Waterloo Medal roll available at The National Archives and it can be searched on line.  There are several ‘Wm Ford’s’ listed, but I cannot identify which is this one.

I have found out more about the Samaritan fund.  It was established in 1806 with a donation of £20 from ‘RW’ (unable to find out who he was!!).  The fund was to help patients financially when they were ready for discharge from Hospital.

Over the years the Weekly Board gave assistance to many patients of varying amounts from just a few shillings to a few pounds.  For example in 1809 Elizabeth Hanger from Godmanchester was given 5s to buy flannel; Peter Gray in 1814, ‘a distressed Irishman’ was given £1 and in 1815 Samuel Miles of Swaffham Prior was discharged after having had his arm amputated, was given £1.

Waterloo man Jul 1818 003

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