Expansion of the Hospital

AHPH 1_2_16bA few weeks ago I wrote about the suggested improvements to the original hospital in 1860. Matthew Digby Wyatt had been appointed architect for the work in early 1863, but his proposed plans were rejected at the next General Quarterly Court. They wanted the Building Committee ‘to consider whether it is practicable to build a new hospital upon the present or on any other site’. (As you know this did eventually happen but not for another 100years!!).

So by the end of 1863 three different plans were set before the General Quarterly Court: Wyatt’s amended plans, plans suggested by the Surgeons of the Hospital and Wyatt’s plans for an entirely new hospital. The Surgeons plans were approved. They wanted to retain the frontage of hospital with the colonnades and that the medical and surgical wards should be on separate floors. Wyatt alerted his plans to accommodate the surgeons ideas and the Committee then proposed 13 modifications to this set of plans.

Finally this was settled and tenders were put out to builders in London and Cambridge. The tender received from Thorday and Clayton was accepted on 2 May 1864 but just before the contract was sealed the Mayor of Cambridge proposed again that an entirely new hospital should be built, this was put to vote and was defeated by seven to 15 votes.




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