Ward Names

I am quite often asked if I know the origins of the names of the wards at the Old Site or if I know which ward was on which floor.    I recently came across this photo of one of the lifts and the list of wards names above it.

Tipperary was given its name during the 1914-19 war and commemorates the popular soldiers’ song and fulfils the description of being ‘a long way to go’!!

Musgrave was named after Mr Musgrove Francis of Quy Hall, a local solicitor who was Chairman of the Hospital General Committee in the 1920’s.

Victoria and Albert were named for the Queen and her Consort.

Griffith was named after Rev John Griffith, a Minor Canon of Ely. He left a legacy of between £3000-£4000, as recorded in the minutes of Mar 1862.

The Minute Book of 21 Dec 1865 ‘resolved that one of the principal female wards be named Hatton Ward after Miss E A Hatton who in 1846 established the Building Fund by a donation of £1200’

Finally Cooke Ward is named after Arthur Cooke (1868-1933) who had been surgeon to the hospital for 30 years and was also in charge of the eye department.

56 Lift Old Site

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