Expansion of the Hospital

The story of the reconstruction of the hospital in the 1860’s continues with the work of the builders Thoday and Clayton. We have a draft copy of the articles of agreement for the work involved ‘re. the alterations and additions to the hospital buildings’.


Work started in June 1864 and was to be completed in 10 months.  The Minutes of the Building Committee and the Governors give details of the progress of the work, including early in 1865 that the inscription ‘Addenbrooke’s Hospital’ should be cut in the stonework on either side of the centre.  In August they discussed bedsteads, mattresses and the best ways to celebrate the re-opening of the Hospital.  In September they ordered 110 iron bedsteads from Swan Hurrell for 17s 6d each.

The five male wards were to be called Bowtell, Maynard, Turton and Abbott and the four female wards, Victoria, Elizabeth, Mary and Anne.  Elizabeth was renamed Hatton Ward before the opening after Miss E A Hatton who had in 1846 established the building fund with a gift of £1,200.  The first patients were admitted to the new upper storey wards in October 1865.

To end the story of the expansion of the Hospital, the hospital was opened to the public on 14 May 1866.  The House Surgeon’s Report of the day said that ‘upwards of 2,000 persons visited the Hospital….the buildings having been decorated with flowers and plants lent from the Horticultural Fete – the visitors were most orderly and expressed themselves much pleased with all they saw’.

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