Yet more heating problems

The Hospital’s biggest problem after the fire in October 1902 was once again the heating system.  The system installation was completed in December 1903, the Works Sub-Committee was concerned that the boiler consumed one ton of coke daily and had to be stoked every hour.

In April the following year the medical staff and the Works Sub-Committee together appointed a committee to consider the heating of the hospital, especially from the point of view of health and economy. The boiler was now burning 14-15 cwt of coal a day and only the sides of the wards were adequately heated.  The heating of other parts of the hospital was inadequate; the radiators were often defective, difficult to regulate and difficult to clean

There were many meetings, but no firm conclusions were reached and in March 1905 the Quarterly Court appointed a committee to consider the cost and efficiently of the heating apparatus and whether a return to the old system would not be more economical and more efficient.

This Committee met several times and after consultation with the designer and constructor of the system made these recommendations: more expert stoking, use of coke and repair and modernisation of the ward fireplaces.

It is clear that no satisfactory solution to the Hospital’s heating problems had been achieved.  The problem of heating the theatre was again discussed in December 1906, double-glazing the large skylights was suggested as a possible solution.

AHPH 1_3_31 A nurses' sitting room in Trumpington Street, c1925

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