Renal Transplant and Dialysis Unit

The Annual Report of 1965-1966 reported that work had commenced on the establishment of a Renal Transplant and Dialysis Unit at Douglas House under the direction of Professor Roy Calne, who was appointed to the Chair of Surgery in October 1965.  ‘The treatment now available in this unit has not previously been provided in Cambridge or the East Anglian region.  The completed Unit will have 7 beds and it is estimated that 20-30 transplant operations will be undertaken each year and that up to 10 patients may be dialysed each week.  The first patient was admitted to the Unit in February 1966’.

The following year Capital Projects reported in the 100th Annual Report 1966-1967 that Douglas House had benefited from a number of improvements and alternations as the work of Professor Calne’s renal unit has expanded.  ‘The building and engineering work has included the up-grading of the ventilation plant and the installation of autoclaves with automatic controls in the operating theatre.  Building has started on an academic unit to be financed by the University which will provide laboratory, library and other accommodation for the professional unit in close association with the hospital renal unit.  Plans are being made for the construction of a hospital unit to provide facilities for intermittent dialysis and this unit will work closely with the renal unit’.

67 Douglas House

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