A snapshot of the Women of Cambridge

Next Tuesday marks 100 years since women first got the vote on the 6th of February 1918.

Cam Vote 100 has organised a project  to capture a 24 hour snapshot in the lives of The Women of Cambridge. 

They are creating a photographic archive starting at midnight on Tuesday 6 February 2018, taking snaps of ourselves and the women in our lives. Showing women and girls at work, home, study and play. This is an inclusive project, inviting all genders to celebrate the women that are important to them.

You can participate wherever you are and whatever you are doing by capturing an image, stating – either in a caption or in the photo – what your vote would be for. For example ‘for equal pay’ or ‘for my child’s future’… what ever is important to you.

This photographic archive will capture the diversity, the creativity, the joy and the sadness of being a woman in Cambridge.

Please see their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/172161503550723/ 
for more details. 

mycamvote poster

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