Christmas at the Old Site

AHPH 1_11_17

With Christmas coming I thought I would have a look to see if there was mention of any arrangements for Christmas celebrations in the minute books of the Hospital Governors.

The minutes of the meeting of 20 Dec 1871 recorded that not more that 2 dozen bottles of wine could be ordered for servants and patients for Christmas Day, but the permission of Medical Officers had to be obtained before any could be given to the patients!!!

Then on 18 Dec 1878 they ‘ordered that patients be supplied with a Christmas Dinner of roast beef and plum pudding, if not prohibited by the Medical Officers’

Several years of Annual Reports give thanks to Chivers & Son Ltd for the Christmas Puddings they gave to the hospital.

In 1949 Dr Gairdner asked if he could hold a children’s party for his out patient clinic, the Board agreed but said that children from all the clinics would be invited. They also requested that the Ladies Linen League be asked to organise the party.

I do not think this picture is from the 1949 party.  Looking at the headdress of the nurses and Matron I think it was more likely held in the 1930’s, but if anyone knows better I would l be pleased to hear from you.

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