First Maternity Hospital in Cambridge


From as early as the 1930’s Cambridge County Council wanted a maternity hospital in the City.  In the mid 1930’s the responsibility for the Mill Road Workhouse was removed from the Guardians of the Poor Law to the County Council and it became the County Municipal Infirmary which was to have a nursery for children under five and a few beds for mothers in childbirth ‘needful of confinement’. In 1934 there were 23 deliveries in the Infirmary.

In 1936, the county council wanted to develop the hospital’s maternity side and established 20 beds for the exclusive use of maternity cases however, it wasn’t until after the start of the NHS in 1948 that the County Council got its Maternity Hospital on Mill Road.  It was made up of 91 beds, a 6-bed premature baby unit, and 24 beds for female geriatric patients.

In 1961 the Ministry of Health agreed to move the Maternity Hospital to the New Site with the move to be made in 1975. The move still had not happened by 1980 when the East Anglian Regional Health Authority agreed to the re-sighting of the Mill Road Hospital to the New Site beginning in 1988-89 and to be finished by 1990-91.  But thanks to Sir David Robinson, Cambridge finally acquired a purpose built maternity hospital when the Rosie Maternity Unit opened on the New Site in 1983.

The Mill Road Maternity Hospital is now Ditchburn Place a mixed-housing scheme offering supported extra-care and sheltered housing.

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