Patient Case notes

The Hospital Archives holds over 70 years of paper patient cases notes dating from 1876.

The notes contain some interesting information about the people who were patients admitted to Addenbrooke’s in the last quarter of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.

The example shown is of a 47 year old man who was admitted suffering from phthisis – this is an old name for tuberculosis.  He lived at Wimpole, was single and a labourer, his dates of admission and discharge are all seen too.


The interesting facts then start with some family history of the patient, in this case both his parents are dead, but his two brothers are ‘strong’.  Then information is given about the patients history, the interesting thing here is that he had been a Coprolite Digger, (Coprolite was used as a fertiliser and extracted in Cambridgeshire between 1850 and 1890),  and he use to drink 13 pints of beer, it is not made clear if this a day or week!! The following pages list the present illness and treatment.

Any information relating to patients is not open to the public for 100 years, but if you have of an ancestor who was a patient at Addenbrooke’s between 1876-1948 and you can prove a relationship I will be pleased to carry out a search of the hospital records we hold to see if I can find anything about them.

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